The government of Tanzania has  cancelled  all licenses for mining and its owners have to re-apply for the Mineral Law and its regulations.

Speaking to journalists today on May 11, 2018, the chairman of the Commission of Minerals Professor Idris Kikula said the Government Notice Number 2018 stated that all licensed areas were returned to the government without re-confirmation.

He said the decision was made in accordance with the Mining Act of 2010 as ammended in 2017 read together with regulation 21 of the Mining (Mineral rights) regulations of 2017 . He said the licensed licenses by his owners should apply again to the 11 company, that those licenses include mid and large mines. These mines include Kabanga Nickel Company Limited, National Mineral Development Corporation Limited, Bafex Tanzania Limited which owns three-license licenses. Other are Mabangu Mining Limited, Resolute (Tanzania) Limited, Wigu Hill Mining Company Limited, Nachingwea Nickel Limited and Precious Metals Refinery Company Limited.