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  • Patent Legal Services

    Our lawyers, patent agents and specialists provide clients a broad spectrum of patent services.
    We prepare and prosecute patent applications, including reexamination, reissue, and interference cases. Additionally, we counsel our clients with:
    • Patent searching and watching services in various areas of technology. We provide searching services for patentability, infringement, state-of-the-art, assignee, validity and patent watching.
    • Patent application, preparation and filing.
    • Patent prosecution and patent appeals.
    • Patent portfolio maintenance.
    • Patent reissue and reexamination.
    • Counsel in the development and commercialization of technology to help clients avoid infringement of third-party rights, as well as enforcement of patent rights against others.
    • Render opinions on patentability, infringement, and validity.
    • Perform IP property audits and due diligence investigations.
    • Enforce and defend against patent infringement claims.