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    AJM Solicitors and Advocates Chamber is a full-service law firm with national and international reach. We dedicate ourselves to the constant pursuit of your success. To provide you with optimal value, we combine market-leading legal services with a total understanding of your needs to maximize effectiveness, efficiency and opportunity. Our main area of specialization includes commercial law, Real Estate, Conveyances, Corporate, Intellectual Property, Taxation, Investment Law, Mining, and probate Consultant. In addition, the Firm has, since its inception, provided services to commercial and private clients in a wide variety of transactions involving real property. The services include conveyance, mortgages of land, leases and title opinions and title actions. Some of the areas of practice are detailed below

    Intellectual Property

    AJM Solicitors and Advocates Chamber is a leading firm in the protection of intellectual property rights. We offer services and consultance related to Trademarks; Enforcement & protection of rights; IP due diligence & assessment; Licensing; Trademark application and prosecution; Patent application and prosecution; Trademark litigation; Portfolio management & maintenance. The firm is actively involved in handling applications for trademarks and patents, including contentious and non-contentious work, such as licensing and franchising, trademark infringement, passing off and opposition proceedings, copyright and design right, confidential information disputes and protection.. We work with clients across the globe ranging in size from emerging companies to Fortune companies, in locations ranging from China and Taiwan to Europe and the United States. Copyrights

    Key Services:

     Trademark Legal Services
    AJM Solicitors and Advocates Chamber covers the full array of trademark legal services. We have the knowledge base to handle both local and international trademark matters. Additionally, we assist our clients with trademark appeals, trademark searching and watching services, trademark application preparation and filing (both tanzania mainland and Zanzibar), oppositions and cancellations, trademark and brand name selection, trademark maintenance, trademark prosecution and trademark screening and watching services

    Copyright Legal Services

    AJM Solicitors and Advocates Chamber have developed extensive experience in the areas of copyrighting of directories and databases; copyright protection for computer software and web page design; copyright issues relating to music, theater, audio-video recordings and fine arts; copyright issues relating to architectural plans and copyright protection of television and radio station programming. Our lawyers are highly qualified to assist clients with any of their copyright needs, including (but not limited to) copyright registration; opinions in connection with charges of copyright infringement or with the evaluation of possible assertion of copyright infringement by others of a client’s copyrights; drafting and negotiating copyright license agreements, as well as evaluating and revising license agreements presented by third parties; provide assignee searches for clients that locate copyrights owned by particular entities; copyright audits and due diligence reviews; and international copyright protection.

    Patent Legal Services
    Our lawyers, patent agents and specialists provide clients a broad spectrum of patent services.
    We prepare and prosecute patent applications, including reexamination, reissue, and interference cases. Additionally, we counsel our clients with:
    • Patent searching and watching services in various areas of technology. We provide searching services for patentability, infringement, state-of-the-art, assignee, validity and patent watching.
    • Patent application, preparation and filing.
    • Patent prosecution and patent appeals.
    • Patent portfolio maintenance.
    • Patent reissue and reexamination.
    • Counsel in the development and commercialization of technology to help clients avoid infringement of third-party rights, as well as enforcement of patent rights against others.
    • Render opinions on patentability, infringement, and validity.
    • Perform IP property audits and due diligence investigations.
    • Enforce and defend against patent infringement claims.

    Enforcement & Licensing Capabilities

    We help our clients enforce and develop strategies to enforce their intellectual property when necessary, and we help negotiate licenses and similar arrangements, when that is an option. We help our clients understand the intellectual property rights of others; we help design around and avoid infringement of such intellectual property rights; we negotiate and obtain licenses when that is necessary or beneficial to the business; and we vigorously defend claims of infringement when no other option is available.

    Litigation Legal Services

    Our IP Litigation Practice represents clients in intellectual property disputes including patent, literary copyright and trademark infringement, and misappropriation of trade secrets. We represent clients wherever the dispute may arise and have appeared as lead counsel in the courts of more than 10 years

    Commercial law and Practice

    This is one of the firm’s largest areas of practice. At AJM we assists clients in negotiating and drafting all types of commercial contracts. Our firm has highly experienced lawyers qualified to negotiate and prepare highly specialized contractual documents and also conversant with all kind of contractual arrangements such as non-disclosure and secrecy, licensing, distribution, outsourcing, agency and franchising, leasing and factoring, sales and commercial leases. The firm alsoo handle high profile cases representing large corporate clients and individual persons of high profile in the society

    Corporate Practice

    The firm’s corporate practice has a longstanding reputation for its representation of major public and private companies and institutions on all aspects of corporate activity, including mergers and acquisition, joint ventures, management buy-outs, etc. as well as providing specialist support in areas such as pensions and employee benefits. This department also advises on securities offerings, on disclosure and corporate governance matters, on corporate and securities regulatory issues and transactional structuring. This practice is actively involved in creating and developing sophisticated corporate structures and financial instruments.

    Real Estate

    In addition to offering responsive, efficient and dynamic legal services, AJM Solicitors and Advocates Chamber provides our clients with every conceivable type of real estate transaction. Our attorneys have closed real estate deals throughout tanzania mainlanda and Zanzibar. and, through our specialty practices We help our clients act “locally” on a global basis. Our lawyers sustain one of the most significant residential real estate practices in the country. Our practice encompasses all areas and types of residential real estate transactions. We have contacts with largest lenders and developers. We also handle sale of residential properties owned by lenders, and preside over thousands of residential loan closings We also provide assistance with the creation transfer documents to enable change in the land registries to new owners

    AJM has a wide range of corporate clients, from banking, insurance, construction and sales companies in Tanzania.